The Perfect 3 Bedroom Home in Jaboncillos Escazu, Costa Rica is on Sale!

Finding the perfect house in Costa Rica is 75% location and the rest is just icing on top.  This week, we have a treat for everyone looking for a bargain home in the much coveted neighborhood of Jaboncillos in Escazu, Costa Rica. Jaboncillos, Escazu is one of the most exclusive neighborhood in Costa Rica and

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Buy a Condo in Escazu Costa Rica at a Premium Location

San Rafael de Escazu is one of the hottest places for expats to live in Costa Rica because Escazu arguably offers the best climate in Costa Rica and most of the amenities from home. Since Escazu became one of the most popular location to own a house in Costa Rica, buying real estate in Escazu

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How to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica – Property Title

Buying real estate in Costa Rica can seem like a long and complex process for the novice buyer or for a buyer who is not from Costa Rica. To help you out, we decided to write a series of articles about the process of buying properties in Costa Rica as well as some helpful buying

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