Celebrating the Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya

Celebrating the Annexation of the Partido de NicoyaThis coming Monday, is the national and traditional celebration of the Annexation of the Partido de Nicoya where Ticos(Costa Ricans) will commemorate the 192nd anniversary of when the Partido de Nicoya, better known as Guanacaste became a part of Costa Rica.

To celebrate this occasion, there will be festivals all throughout Costa Rica starting Saturday the 23 of July until the 25th of July.  Before we get into where you should go to celebrate, here is a bit of history about how Costa Rica gained Nicoya.

It all started back on beautiful day on September 15, 1821 when Spain declared the independence of Mexico and Central America.  However, Costa Rica did not receive the news until October 11.  Once the news was received, it took some time before the borders and different government became established.

One such region was the District of Nicoya which was originally the first part of Costa Rica that had been conquered by the Spaniards and was independent of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  It was on July 25, 1824 that the Partido elected to join with Costa Rica and is known as “The Annexation or la Anexion.

This national holiday is celebrated with traditional foods, traditional dances and folklore of Guanacaste.  It is also a day where the President of Costa Rica and several politicians use this day as an excuse to give out speeches to the masses.

If you happened to have bought property in Costa Rica and will be out on the street this weekend, you will notice that the streets will be decorations and more than likely will have banners that say, “De La Patria Por Nuestra Voluntad”.  This means that they became part of Costa Rica of their own will.

For those who own real estate in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, Escazu and pretty much anywhere near La Sabana, you may be interested in going to the National Stadium where the Festival Ditso will be held from 7/23/2016-7/24/2016 from 10AM until 6M each day.

This festival will showcase many cultural events, art, products and services that show the true identity and innovations of Costa Rica.

For those who are looking to go to the heart of the festival, you may want to drop by Carillo, Guanacaste to celebrate the VIII Festival Guanacastearte y XII Festival Académico Cultural de la Guanacastequidad which started last Tuesday and will keep on going until the 25th of July.  There will be many activities for children and adults.

Another festival taking place in Guanacaste is the Festival Nacional de Marimbas which will take this  Sunday from 10am-7pm and on Monday from 12PM to 2PM.  This festival located at Plaza Limonal de Abangares in Guanacaste will feature the best of the Costa Rican Marimbas along with some great food and beautiful art work.

There will be many more festivals throughout the country this weekend wherever you decide to go and celebrate, don’t forget to stay safe!

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