Living in Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica

For many people whether Ticos or Expats living their preferred location is not living in downtown San Jose but is rather living in at the beach, the mountain, or the outskirt of San Jose in places like Escazu, Moravia or Santa Ana.  The reasons for this are many but despite this Costa Rican real estate trend, many people have chosen to live in exciting downtown San Jose.

Living in Downtown San Jose, Costa RicaSome real estate broker in Costa Rica have argued that because of this, the price of homes in San Jose( mostly condos or apartments) are at bargain prices as people are on average are paying 10% less than they would if they had purchased a condo in Escazu.

Of course, buying real estate in Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica is not for everyone as many expats come to Costa Rica to get away from the city life.  They are however exceptions with those who love being in the center of everything so we want to introduce to you Jason B., an expat who has been living right in the center of the action for over 10 years.

Jason loves living in the Downtown San Jose area and in the 15 years he has been living there; he has never had any problems with robberies or muggings downtown.  In fact, the only time he had some problems was when he was visiting a friend who lives close to the San Pedro Mall.

Jason lives in an apartment complex that is just a few hundred meters from Avenida Central and pays around $600 a month for rent for a 3 bedroom apartment.  His complex is right above a small shopping center which offers 24 hour security and underground parking.

Of course not all properties are equal.  For example if you wanted to live the high city life in style, then you probably want to take a look at this property for rent in Downtown San Jose.

Cod. 514. Nineteenth Floor Apartment on the Main Street of San Jose, Costa Rica

Nineteenth Floor Apartment on the Main Street of San Jose, Costa RicaSales Price: $220,000

Rental Price: $1,300

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Levels: 1

Size: 123 Square Meters

This amazing apartment is currently on sale for the bargain price of $220,000 or for rent at $1,300 per month.  If you are looking for a place with a great view of all of the action and the excitement that comes with living downtown, than this is your dream home.

The apartment includes a two car garage and 24 hour security as well as a swimming pool, playground, gym, balcony and much more.

For more details about this property click here or contract Ingrid

Since the police presence has been increased in the downtown area in the last few years, Jason believes that San Jose is safer than living in a secluded area of Costa Rica.

Of course, general rules of safety apply everywhere and it’s always a good idea to know your neighbors well in case of an emergency and to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

They are several advantages to living in Downtown San Jose but one of the main one is that you are in the center of the action.  Everything you need is around you from buses that can take you anywhere in the country to a quick stop at the grocery store.  Whether you are going to see the National Stadium of Costa Rica or taking a trip to the beach, all of the bus terminals are just a short walk away.

In addition, if you are looking for entertainment, Downtown San Jose is full of it from bars, to theaters, restaurants and movie theaters.

What Jason loves the most about living in Downtown is that everything is within walking distance from bars to shops and even utility companies like ICE and AMNET.

Since Jason also happens to work in San Jose, the commute to his office is quite convenient as he does not have to worry about finding parking space or worry about when he can drive his care in the city.  Plus the ability to be actually able to walk home for lunch saves him even more money every day!

Initially, Jason thought that the noise of the city would be a problem at night for him and his son.  However, he discovered that being on the 7th floor blocks out any noise coming from the street

If the lifestyle of living in the middle of Downtown San Jose  appeals to you then contact Ingrid, your favorite real estate broker in Costa Rica and she will make sure that you get the right property at the right price!

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