Most Common Regrets by Home Owners in Costa Rica

For years, has been making thousands of new and veteran home buyers happy in Costa Rica by helping them find their dream home.  Whether they bought luxury real estate in Escazu, Costa Rica or a modest size condominium in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, Ingrid is always there to help.

As part of her personal care service, she likes to keep in touch with the people she has helped out as she knows that buying a home is a very important mile stone in a person’s life not only in a financial sense but also in a personal sense.

Most Common Regrets by Home Owners in Costa RicaLast month, she decided to check up on some of her older clients to see how life is now that they have bought their little piece of heaven in Costa Rica.  After talking to several people, she noticed that some of them had some regrets about the decision.  The regrets were not about buying the home itself, but about little things that did not seem important when they made the choice to buy a home.

In order to keep other home buyers from making the same mistake, here are some of the top home buyers’ regrets you will want to read about.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Look for a House

Jose R. said that his biggest mistake was looking for a new home after his family had outgrown his old home.  After his wife got pregnant with their 3rd child, their 2 bedroom home was too small and they rushed to find a new home that would hold his entire family.

They began house hunting and since they felt the need to get a new home as soon as possible, they decided to settle for a home that was large enough to accommodate them all that was at the right price.  Now that he looks back on the purchase, he wishes that he would have started looking for a new home earlier so that he would not have been rushed into settling for a home that even though is large enough for his family, is not the perfect home in the perfect location.

Now, he and his wife are currently taking their time looking for a new home that will fit all of their needs.

Buying a Home that is too large

When Rosie and John decided to live the dream of being home owners, they thought that bigger was the way to go as they thought that bigger was better.  They bought a 5 bedroom home with a large backyard for their family of three.

Today, they realized that the home is just too large for their family and that they may be living above their means. They are stuck with a mortgage with large monthly payments and high property taxes.  In addition, they both lead busy lives and do not have the time to maintain such a large home which led them to hire a part-time house keeper and gardener which is making a hole in their savings.

They are currently looking to sell their home and are looking to buy a smaller, more comfortable home.

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Not Thinking about Schools

Erica and Joshua had a long list of things they wanted to have in their new home.  However, they did not place any priority on finding a home next to a top public school in Costa Rica. Two years later she became pregnant with twins and once they become old enough for school, they realized that their home was nowhere near a decent school.

Today, they have a one hour commute every morning for their children to go to a private school and wish that they had thought ahead and purchased a home in a neighborhood that had a better education system.

When they first purchased their home, they did not think about location or resale value and where just looking for a place to call home in a safe and quiet neighborhood.  The lesson she learned from this experience is to think long term when buying your first home.

To avoid these common home buying mistakes, do not hesitate to ask the your real estate broker in Costa Rica the right questions about what you should be looking for when buying a home.   They have the knowledge and the experience to help you create a house buying checklist that will keep you from having regrets in the future.

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