The Advantages of Living in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

Ciudad Colon Costa ricaI have been living in Costa Rica for just a bit over 15 years and throughout my decade and a half stay in this beautiful country, I have lived in most of the top regions of Costa Rica and probably some that you have never heard of.

After moving around for the better part of ten years, I chose to live in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica because it offers many advantages at a bargain price that is not found in many regions and neighborhoods in Costa Rica.  Sure living in Escazu is great as I spent 5 years there but it became too expensive after a while.  Living in San Jose was a lot of fun but there is only so much fun that someone can enjoy on a daily basis.  No, in the end, living in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica is for me.

Ciudad Colon Costa Rica Overview

This charming small town is located just West of Santa Ana and it is the main city of Mora Canton, San Jose province. Historically, it was first called Villa Colon and before that Pacaca until it finally settled down with the name, Ciudad Colon.  In terms of demographics, Ciudad Colon is just as cosmopolitan as Santa Ana or Escazu but it does not deliver the same amenities as these two top cities for real estate in Costa Rica.

This small change however is what makes buying real estate in Ciudad Colon such a bargain because you get the small town atmosphere with fewer amenities but since it is so close to Escazu and Santa Ana, the difference is negligible.

Ciudad Colon Costa Rica locationCiudad Colon does have its amenities though as just a mere 6km from the city is the United Nations University for Peace.  In addition, Ciudad Colon boasts a number of banks, stores, restaurants and bars that cater to the locals.  Even though you will not find any upscale restaurant in Ciudad Colon, it does have a major supermarket that is used by both expats and locals.

I bought my home in Ciudad Colon about 5 years ago and since then, the value of my home has slowly risen as it is slowly becoming a top place to live in Costa Rica for those who are looking to get away from the city.

My Top Reasons for Living in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

  • Small population of 12,000 inhabitant that are the arguably the friendliest folks in Costa Rica
  • The cost of living is about 20% cheaper than Escazu
  • Price of real estate is about 20%-35% cheaper than Santa Ana and Escazu
  • Only 10km from Santa Ana
  • Only 15km from Santa Ana
  • Only 20km from San Jose

I will usually drive to Escazu once or twice a month to get supplies that I am not able to get in Ciudad Colon such as Skippy peanut Butter and such and I take advantage of the trip to enjoy fine dining at some of the best restaurants Escazu has to offer.

Thinking about moving to Ciudad Colon? Here are some great properties to buy or rent in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica

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