The Ministerio de Hacienda Sets Vehicle Tax for Next year

Good news for some vehicle owners in Costa Rica.  The Ministerio de Hacienda said Monday that the tax on 1,123,306 vehicles will be reduced for the year 2017.  The reduction in vehicle tax will still bring an estimated ¢154 billion colones from 2.14 million vehicles.

Costa Rica Vehicle Tax for 2017Those who have been living in Costa Rica for over a year and own a vehicle, probably remember the frustration last December when they several errors in the calculations for the taxes which led to many complaints, long lines and angry motorists.

Some speculate that these errors in calculations which resulted in ridiculously high vehicle taxes last year are part of the reasons as to why the tax this year will be less than the previous year.

No matter where you live in Costa Rica, the due date for your vehicle tax is due on December 31 every year.  Even if you have a home in Escazu, Costa Rica or anywhere else in the country this is the due date for everyone.  Failure to pay the vehicle taxes by the due date will cost an additional 10% penalty fee on a monthly basis and can also lead to having your car’s licence plate impounded.

For those who complain about the state of the roads in Costa Rica, know that half of the vehicle taxes collected goes to the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad which will be used to repair and maintain the roads.  The other half will of course go to the Central Government.

This year, the ministry has setup an online system where you can check online by going to how much they need to pay for their vehicle tax as well as make a complaint.

Click here to see how much your vehicle tax will be

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